Spontaneous Haiku for the Beginning of Rainy Season

Dripping with life green under grey gauze no hydrangeas near my new home Does the caterpillar notice a gust of wind as he hustles off the pavement? A strong bloom of red is a sign of a bad typhoon season so says NHK the flying Carp will get wet in the rain measuring time by... Continue Reading →

Poetry Project 2017: Day 45

I don't want to worry about the world. I just want to be sad; for me, for you, for us. I don't want to thank the heavens for my luck. I just want to mourn; because of change, because of destruction, because of absence. I don't want to be wise and thoughtful. I just want... Continue Reading →

Poetry Project 2018: Day 33

I've been away. Hiding in dark rooms and eating, but nothing could nourish me. I've been away. Staring into the world and not seeing, nothing could catch my eye. I've been away. Silent behind my body, just waiting, nothing could wake me up. I've been away. Not living but not actually dying, suspended in nothing.... Continue Reading →

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