Poetry Project 2017: 11/23

Headlines: 7 month-old kicked out of the Kumamoto Assembly. Shouldn't be here. the baby? or the woman? It's a man's place to make decisions for babies and women. Half the populations gets no say. Anatomy determines your value and your voice. Stick to your role, silly woman! You're not a lawmaker, you're a baby maker... Continue Reading →

Poetry Project 2017: 05/11

Headlines: Trump fired head of FBI, possibly to prevent the President's link to Russian interference from being investigated. When humankind undergoes one of it's horrific periods, when countries turn away from democracy toward dictatorship, when kindness is replaced by hate, do people see it coming? Do they watch in horror as decency slowly dies? Do... Continue Reading →

Poetry Project 2017: Day 65

The way I saw, was forward, was the way you didn't. Grey, white, trembling, fight weapons with different weapons, beasts, those that did. What is shocking? Beasts, those that created war. Machines and medicine, poison and bombs. The way humans live, and mostly die. For what? What? The way I saw was not that way.... Continue Reading →

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