Poetry Project 2020: 1/22

Simultaneously wanting something to happen and not. No reason to be angry. frustrated. sad. No reason not to. Feel there is only now. Or do not feel nothing is permanent. The because is unspoken. unneeded. left behind. Yet there is no behind Spinning the wheel but there is only now.

Poetry Project 2020: 1/08

Mixing music mixing up my thoughts scrambled-up mind makes for a scrambled-up life. Is it envy or nostalgia whispering to me? Or is it worse? Is it aversion or a sense of impending doom? Things too good to be are right now. Things too good to be yet I can't sit still, yet I can't... Continue Reading →

Poetry Project 2019: 12/19

I once was a punk but I am not now. Used to be made up of cigarettes and whisky but I'm not now. A perfect youth spent damaging my body. Now a middle-age spent taking drugs to fix me. But I have no regrets, I lived well, while young. I felt everything, I experienced what... Continue Reading →

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