Poetry Project 2017: 11/5

Headlines: Trump arrives in Japan on the 1st stop of his 1st Asian tour, plays golf with Abe. Elite people play an elite sport. No room for minions, no need for citizens. All deals are made on the course. The fate of the world hanging on the 18th hole.


Poetry Project 2017: 07/09

Headlines: ¬†Torrential rains cause widespread flooding and landslides in Oita and Fukuoka, at least 15 dead and more unaccounted for. After the rains, comes the sorrow. How do we go on? How do we repair? After the floods, comes the questions. How did this happen? How could we let it? After the landslides, comes the... Continue Reading →

Poetry Project 2017: 02/06

Headlines: ¬†Israel welcomes Trump's Iran sanctions. Families split apart by travel ban. Canada courting US tech experts. Facebook fever, symptoms like PTSD, interesting times we live in, you and me. All day long: bad news, every damn day. Can't look at it, but can't look away. Burn, burn, yeah it's gonna burn! That old enemy-intent.... Continue Reading →

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