Poetry Project 2017: Day 196

A room full of you: full of lightness, casual-movement. How can I be in any other room? I'm not. I'm only me with you. I'm only the me I like with you. And you have no idea, do you? A casual acquaintance who brings that out in me. Her. I like her, she feels young.... Continue Reading →


Poetry Project 2017: Day 8

Still stuck, spinning wheels in the mud of my soupy silly thoughts. They call it rumination. Or maybe just obsession. Rejected, unloved, abandoned in a fictional realm. Carry the wounds into my life and hurt me again. 1, 2, 3 seconds tick by, each seem to bring a new thought of you. 6, 7, 8... Continue Reading →

Poetry Project 2017: Day 58

Is there magic in the world? Is there romance? Is there love? Is there longing? Is there heartbreak? Is there none of the above? Oh Cruel life, which leaves us cold. Lonely humans, growing old. What do we have, if not magic? Surely, consciousness isn't it. Surely, self-awareness isn't it. Surely, there's more than pure... Continue Reading →

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