Poetry Project 2018: Day 23

Unexpected, that expectations are met. Too good to be true. But are we going in reverse? Lured by beaches and sun, returning to loneliness and isolation. Fear in my heart, hope next to it: trepidation That's a good word. As we stand on the precipice of a new life, my heart is gripped with trepidation.... Continue Reading →

Poem from St.Catharines

One moment all pink and flowers, the next, blood and bones. She jumped off the overpass.   Floating above in the blazing blue sky, then sucked below into the noise and traffic. She was always like that.   Holding 2 possibilities - Delightful contrasts. The only true things.   Always beautiful on the outside, ugly... Continue Reading →

Poetry Project 2017: Day 219

The ache of time experienced and space remembered spreads across my psyche, causes cracks, and I watch as my mental fortitude starts to dissolve and disintegrate into dust. All points lived and all hoped for scenes come rushing in to this one now, flooding me with things that have been and might be, but are... Continue Reading →

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