Poem from St.Catharines

One moment all pink and flowers, the next, blood and bones. She jumped off the overpass.   Floating above in the blazing blue sky, then sucked below into the noise and traffic. She was always like that.   Holding 2 possibilities - Delightful contrasts. The only true things.   Always beautiful on the outside, ugly... Continue Reading →

Poetry Project 2017: Day 184

Softly singing the crickets tells us it's time to harvest. Time to reap, time to enjoy the bounty. Oh, how lucky we are! Safe and secure, able to sleep soundly to the serenade of the crickets under the bright harvest moon. Surrounded by beauty, we live in bliss. Comforts of all kinds are at our... Continue Reading →

Poetry Project 2017: 07/21

Headlines: Earthquake in Turkey/Greece kills at least 2, injures over 500. ┬áLinkin Park singer commits suicide. ┬áHakuho breaks sumo record for most wins. Victory observed, sorrow alone, disasters together, such an odd state of affairs. In triumph we shine above, lauded by admirers. In despair we feel alone, even if surrounded by friends. When many... Continue Reading →

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