Dream Saturation

I wake before my alarm buzzes still in the dark, still thinking and not thinking of you. Head swirling with dreams, irrationalities and hopes... ...irrationalities of being with you. Fixation fades as darkness saturates, I'm here, not in that world. I am here. Still alive. Nowhere near that version of you.


Typhoon Breeze

A breeze on my bare skin, sensual and moist, hints of a typhoon off the coast, on the horizon, in the future; no matter how you put it disaster is never far away Be thankful for the small calm of a breeze on your skin.

Poetry Project 2018: Day 47

Such trauma, you know better than I. I have nothing. Dig deep you say, combine memories. Traces of air. Play with words you imply, as though it's fun to rehash horror. Choose wisely, you know because you're the expert. I'm nothing. Combined traumas is fascinating; is that right? Teach me how to write a poem.... Continue Reading →

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