Poetry Project 2017: 05/11

Headlines: Trump fired head of FBI, possibly to prevent the President’s link to Russian interference from being investigated.

When humankind undergoes one of it's horrific periods,
when countries turn away from democracy toward dictatorship,
when kindness is replaced by hate,
do people see it coming?

Do they watch in horror as decency slowly dies?
Do they witness one event and think:
"That's it, that's the turning point."?
Or does horror just creep up on them,
like a sly cat on an unsuspecting bird?

At what point can we understand the tide of history turning?
When do we stop and say: 
"No more. Let's work together. We are one."?

Can't we stop the atrocities before they come?
See the signs and stop the process?

Or are we sentenced to 
sit by and watch in horror 
as the ball of history
rolls into another valley?

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