Poetry Project 2017: Day 56

If I could unclothe myself of the reality
and live in my dreams, 
imagination and fantasies,
I would.
Wouldn't you?
Don't you too,
Find the edge of waking life
too hard, too solid, too painful,
crooked and jagged?
Surely you do.
Aren't you like me?
Slipping in and out of 
mind and matter,
taming the edges with mental curves,
softening the blades?
Maybe not.
Can you cope better?
Do you live with all the edges and pain,
the blunt force of gravity and physics,
pulling and pushing,
chained to life?
Is there escape?
If anyone knows how to release these chains
and slip comfortably into mind,
with control and skill,
tell us.
Help all those dealing with the 
serrated edge of the world
to float free,
to be free.

5 thoughts on “Poetry Project 2017: Day 56

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