Poetry Project 2017: Day 89

You never know what some people are afraid of.
Some fears are rational,
like snakes or tsunami.
Some fears are irrational,
like ants or spaces.
Some are rational only to those who hold them,
spiders, crowds, water.
You never know
another's fear.
You never know
when people are struggling 
or failing,
grappling, medicating, overcoming.
So be kind.
We all have something that scares us.
We all have dark thoughts in the night.
We all swallow our anxiety sometimes.
We all just want to survive.
So be helpful.
Be supportive.
Be there for each other.
Hold each other up,
don't push one another down.
We're all the same.
We only have each other.
Injure another,
injure yourself,
injure all.

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