Poetry Project 2017: 04/24

Headlines:  France narrows down election to 2 candidates, far right Le Pen and centrist Macron.

Hold your breathe and wait.
Will one more fall to hate?
2017 leading to 1930,
The clock ticking down again.
Doomsday coming closer,
disaster on the horizon.
Foolish, foolish people,
what do you want?
perpetual growth:
Expand, contract
Economies breathing.
Exploit, export
dirty jobs to the poor.
That is how it works.
This is the system in place.
Greed until fear,
until hate,
until destruction.
Did we choose it?
We chose freedom,
we have no freedom.
We want democracy,
only money has power now.
Upside down, inside out
A mess and a mockery
has been made of 

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