Poetry Project 2017: 02/03

Headlines:  Right-wing news agencies accused of misusing terrorist attack in Canada to further hateful agenda, claiming shooter was Moroccan.  Trudeau’s parliament backs down on election reforms.  Trump makes Black History Month about himself.

Ha!  What's that?
If it ever existed, it died long ago
No such thing found in 2017
Sorry friend, it's all just 
now, shouted into the void
No real discourse
Nothing can be debated
Facts, alt-facts, no facts
Who cares?
It's all just a ridiculous circus for 
Maybe it always has been
They lie, we lie, you lie, 
you don't know you're 
When greed got control,
truth died
Truth became irrelevant
It's all backroom deals and wealth generation now
that's a fact, not a fact, alt-fact, 
What fact?

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