Poetry Project 2017: Surviving and Thriving in Interesting Times

Inspiration for this Project:

2016 was a big year in the shift toward nationalism, protectionism and Right-Wing ideology across “the west”.  Some celebrated the shift, many mourned.  The UK voted in favour of “Brexit”, leaving the EU with an anti-immigrant stance mixed into economic reasons. The US elected a businessman/reality TV star, flanked by white supremacists, as their president.  Trump proved himself to be a misogynist, racist, anti-disability, anti-LGBTQ person full of hate throughout his campaign, yet still managed to get elected.

The divisions in “the west” loomed large as 2017 began. Trump’s inauguration was followed the next day by a global Women’s March in protest of misogyny and in favour of equality.  Soon after Trump’s inauguration, he began to make Executive Orders and claimed “Alternative Facts” were true.

Things are messy and weird right now and my hope is that the arc of history will continue to bend toward justice and compassion; that this period is one last gasp of fascism and hate.  My fear is that this could be the beginning of another terrible phase in human history.  Either way, in order to keep from feeling powerless, disconnected and useless, my goal is to tap into my own inner resource/gift from nature and write a poem a day in 2017, to document and respond to events, both global and personal.

This Poetry Project began on January 31st, 2017, one month into the new year during my increasing frustration with current events beyond my control, that is when the idea for the project occurred to me.  It began close to the Lunar New Year so that marks the beginning of this journey, Poetry Project 2017: Surviving and Thriving in Interesting Times.


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