21 Reasons why I was too Scared to start a Blog and their Rebuttals

I love to write and have flirted a long time with the idea of starting a blog, but I always kept backing down from actually doing it, until today.  Why did it take me so long to actually get here?  Is it because I had no internet connection? Was it because I am too lazy?  Did I lack the necessary computer skills?  Was it because I just had nothing to say until now? Nope, none of the above.

It was fear.

Plain-old fear prevented me from taking the simple step of starting a blog to put my writing out into the world.  What was I so afraid of?  Lots of things!  21 things to be precise, I listed them today.  As I did, I could hear a rebuttal for each one, that little nagging voice inside my mind, making a counter argument to each of my fears.  It could no longer be ignored.  I had to start a blog, and I am starting it with the list of reasons I was too afraid to do so:

  1. I am afraid of being judged.  No matter how you put yourself out into the world, you’ll be judged, so you can either hide or get out there and let people judge you.
  2. I don’t like confrontation.  You don’t have to be a cyber warrior!  Just be honest and if anyone confronts you on something you wrote, you can either learn from them or not, it is your choice to engage. You don’t have to fight.
  3. I am scared my blog will be found by my ‘real employers’ and they will think less of me, maybe even fire me!  Why would writing honestly get you fired?  It’s not like you’re going to engage in hate speech or any other terrible things.
  4. People will hate me.  They might, but if all you’re revealing is your true self and they hate you for it, they aren’t really a person you should be friends with.
  5. People will think I am stupid.  So what?  Some people probably already do.
  6. I will be just another voice screaming into the void.  Yeah, but there’s nothing wrong with adding your voice to the chorus.
  7. People will look down on me.  Every time you leave the house someone probably looks down on you, for your race, gender, body shape, frizzy hair, clothes, car, etc.  It doesn’t really effect you if they do, does it?
  8. I won’t be a real writer.  What does that even mean?  Stop looking for outside validation!  If you self-identify as a writer and practice writing then you are a writer.  
  9. Real publishers will dismiss me.  If they do, it’s not likely because you have a blog, it’s because you suck. (or it’s not what they’re looking for or some other reason)
  10. I’m too lazy to keep it up.  Not likely, if you like doing it, you will.  
  11. I will fail.  If you don’t start, you’ve already failed.  
  12. No one will want to be my friend anymore if they see who I really am. See #4
  13. I might accidentally hurt someone with my writing.  Then you can learn, apologize, and do better.  Hopefully they will forgive you.
  14. I will reveal my insides and have no private life left.  Ummm, you don’t have to put every little thought online just because you have a blog!
  15. It’s not professional.  It doesn’t have to be!  Creating is fun!
  16. I’ll get attacked.  By who?  Do you really think enough people will read the blog that it will cause cyber-sharks to circle and attack?  Unlikely!
  17. People will dissect everything I say and take it the wrong way.  That’s good motivation to write clearly and concisely.
  18. I’m scared of zealots who disagree with me being really nasty.  See #16
  19. I don’t want to be dismissed as just another… Hold on.  Check your own biases, now it sounds like you’re about to look down your nose at other people who put themselves out-there and that’s not cool.  Where do your biases come from? Confront that shit. 
  20. I don’t want to ‘promote’ myself.  So don’t, just have fun playing with the platform.
  21. I want to keep writing for fun, I don’t want it to become drudgery.  So don’t let it!  Just keep doing as much, or as little, as you want, it’s not like once you start a blog you are owned by WordPress and have to buckle down and churn out posts 3 times a day or anything….right? 

So there’s my tedious list of 21 fears that kept me away from blogging for so long.  Yeah, I majorly overthink things and tend to live in my head without taking action, I get scared easily and am kind of a wuss.  However, today I am a little bit brave, I started a blog. With a list!  The internet loves lists, right?  People might think I am a total nutcase after reading it, but I hope they can see where I am really coming from.

Less of a wuss, but still wary and committed to honesty.



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