When Kindness is Free

a warm smile, a helping hand, ask yourself: why not? Why not try it, when kindness is free?



Take part! Take part! something screams within Enjoy! Participate! hounding bothering Time is ticking! Don’t miss out! guilt whispering in ears Too much effort. Too much risk. inner voice Painful. Scary. reminding cautioning Be safe. Live peacefully. fear whispering in ears pulled 2 ways standing still

Poem from St.Catharines

One moment all pink and flowers, the next, blood and bones. She jumped off the overpass.   Floating above in the blazing blue sky, then sucked below into the noise and traffic. She was always like that.   Holding 2 possibilities - Delightful contrasts. The only true things.   Always beautiful on the outside, ugly... Continue Reading →

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