Sweet Sinking

I could step into to the sea, walk as far as I can, then dive in and swim, as far as I could until the sea defeats me, by creature or by depth, then I will sink down. Down Down Down until there's nothing of me left.


Poetry Project 2017: 11/23

Headlines: 7 month-old kicked out of the Kumamoto Assembly. Shouldn't be here. the baby? or the woman? It's a man's place to make decisions for babies and women. Half the populations gets no say. Anatomy determines your value and your voice. Stick to your role, silly woman! You're not a lawmaker, you're a baby maker... Continue Reading →

Poetry Project 2018: Day 23

Unexpected, that expectations are met. Too good to be true. But are we going in reverse? Lured by beaches and sun, returning to loneliness and isolation. Fear in my heart, hope next to it: trepidation That's a good word. As we stand on the precipice of a new life, my heart is gripped with trepidation.... Continue Reading →

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