Poetry Project 2017: 04/16

Headlines: North Korea fires missile to mark day of founder's birth.  Fails immediately after launch. Tensions high, among countries, among men. Among us. We're all just sitting ducks. Waiting to die, to mark their arrogance.

Poetry Project 2017: 02/22

Headlines: Anti-bullying campaign in Canada "Pink Shirt Day" takes place. What's in a colour? everything. Who you are, who you will be, who I see you to be, How I judge you. What is it about colours? cues. For us to judge, for us to separate, for us to value. Human's eyes get caught. Why... Continue Reading →

Reflections on Connection and Time

Time is weird and somewhat cruel.  It tends to slowly, silently and carefully drive a wedge between people who were once connected; friends, lovers, and even the threads that make up family relationships can be slowly pushed apart by time. At first it's not noticeable, a few days pass without contact, then maybe a week... Continue Reading →

Poetry Project 2017: Day 46

Time, for trees we seem to be racing, for ants we must seem like slow giants. We cling, then hope, we wish away time. Then we want it back. Oh to view time like a tree, watching beings in fast forward speeding by, while standing silent and still. Or do trees feel their aging, like... Continue Reading →

Poetry Project 2017: 02/21

Headlines: over 25% of Canadians support Trump-style immigration ban. Shut the door, I'm afraid. Close the gate, I don't have enough. You can't come in, I'm already here. I can't feed you, I might get hungry. Sorry, this is my place. You were born elsewhere. There might not be enough, so you'd better stay away.... Continue Reading →

Poetry Project 2017: Day 73

Last night I dreamed backwards of blood and violence, of horror and giants, fights and chaos, rewound into innocence. I could only look at the children and not tell them of what was to come.

Poetry Project 2017: 02/08

Headlines:  Senator Warren kicked out of senate talks for reading letter by Coretta Scott King against AG nominee.  JPop Idol dies suddenly.  Burlesque Lady shames trolls. Why is what's between my legs a weapon? A weapon to use against me, to keep me down, to shut me up, to dismiss me, to not take me... Continue Reading →

Poetry Project 2017: 05/01

I could believe in Plato's theory, 2 halves, searching to make themselves whole. I'm searching. Not finding. Are you? Have you? Are there 'wholes' among us? Who? Where? Show yourselves! No. We're all just lonely sacks of bones, wandering through time, moving through space, in solitude and despair. Admit it. In the quiet moments, in... Continue Reading →

Poetry Project 2017: 03/07

Headlines:  America and Japan request emergency security meeting to discuss North Korea's latest missile launch.  North Korea claims 4 missiles were launched as part of a program to prepare to aim at American bases in Japan.   People starving and poor? Let's start a War! Division causing problems in you country? You should start a... Continue Reading →

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