Poetry Project 2017: Day 81

Cool breeze, I put my winter slippers on for the last time. Closing the curtains of the open window, temperate sleep awaits. Hair frizzing, a preview of rainy season's curls. Hopping between puddles, I wonder if I'll dry out. An old friend's picture brings yesterday today. I dreamt I missed you, do you even remember... Continue Reading →


Poetry Project 2017: 05/11

Headlines: Trump fired head of FBI, possibly to prevent the President's link to Russian interference from being investigated. When humankind undergoes one of it's horrific periods, when countries turn away from democracy toward dictatorship, when kindness is replaced by hate, do people see it coming? Do they watch in horror as decency slowly dies? Do... Continue Reading →

Poetry Project 2017: Day 187

We all want to be loved, so they say. Is that really true? Maybe we all want fulfillment or compassion or recognition or... what? What do you want? Power? A name? A place in history? What do less fortunate people want? Security? Peace? Their lives and the lives of their loved ones? I guess your... Continue Reading →

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