Poetry Project 2017: Day 191

Friday evening becomes Monday morning. Small buds, full of promise and potential, give rise to screaming black insects. Hope becomes despair. The exotic lover turns into the dull spouse. Supple young bodies become decrepit. Peace begets war. Birth becomes death. Aren't all works of art saying the same thing?


Poetry Project 2017: Day 169

Dread and yearning, one place and another trying to occupy the same spot, trying to bend reality. Yearning and fearing, worrying about losing, wanting what I have, and don't. Dread and distracting, a trick to hide, trying to focus on now, trying to prevent future. Fear and distraction, all I have left if I forget... Continue Reading →

Poetry Project 2017: Day 188

Avoidance is not indifference. It's fear. It's anxiety. It's repulsion. Sometimes it's the only option. Can't face it yet, not strong enough. Bide your time, preserve your energy. Dwell on, Think on, Ruminate on. Not forever, just for now. Eventually you must strike, Prepare.

Poetry Project 2017: Day 141

Hours and hours in a day, fill them up with study, and not play. For childhood now is all about progress, don't stop to think or you might regress. Manufacture little workers of the future, they must be money makers, and learn how to endure.

Poetry Project 2017: Day 51

Universal Truths, are there none? One life, a zillion, what is the common thread? Life? Only metabolizing and living? Or something more - an inner magical experience... If that exists, isn't it cruel? My solitude can never penetrate your solitude. How sad. How beautiful. Our inner lives, forever cut off from the world. Ultimate privacy,... Continue Reading →

Poetry Project 2017: Day 139

Unwind wind wind wind down Expand expand into the expanse Silence slowly Flooding in Pressure Compression A mix of pull and push Slipping outward then inward Confused Panic Calm Sensations Cessation Murmured suspicious Drip drip drip sink down leaking out Is this what it's like to End?  

Poetry Project 2017: 07/21

Headlines: Earthquake in Turkey/Greece kills at least 2, injures over 500.  Linkin Park singer commits suicide.  Hakuho breaks sumo record for most wins. Victory observed, sorrow alone, disasters together, such an odd state of affairs. In triumph we shine above, lauded by admirers. In despair we feel alone, even if surrounded by friends. When many... Continue Reading →

Poetry Project 2017: Day 56

If I could unclothe myself of the reality and live in my dreams, memories, imagination and fantasies, I would. Wouldn't you? Don't you too, Find the edge of waking life too hard, too solid, too painful, crooked and jagged? Surely you do. Aren't you like me? Slipping in and out of mind and matter, taming... Continue Reading →

Poetry Project 2017: 07/09

Headlines:  Torrential rains cause widespread flooding and landslides in Oita and Fukuoka, at least 15 dead and more unaccounted for. After the rains, comes the sorrow. How do we go on? How do we repair? After the floods, comes the questions. How did this happen? How could we let it? After the landslides, comes the... Continue Reading →

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